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Doggy Fight Club Au by tv-headache Doggy Fight Club Au by tv-headache
au where will saved burpy from an animal rescue center when he was just a little 6 month old puppy
will then gave burpy to eli who instantly became his best friend and spent most of his time training the little guy and playing with him and talking to him and they rly understood each other
then something went wrong it was either
eli's mom died
eli's parents divorced
will's an only parent and lost his job
either way eli's dad doesn't have enough money to keep them living where they are ( a rly nice place with good homes and places for dogs to run around) so he finds the cheapest place that he can find that will let dogs and it's in a really run down town with lots of crime
so they move there and eli's all bummed out but he makes the best of it
first thing he does is hit the pet store to get burpy a new collar and there he meets kord (who's like the only person who works there) they become rly gr8 buds and eli lets burpy go and play with kord's dog (bludgeon, he'll be a bull dog) so they get all buddy buddy and kord tells eli "hey if u need a job we've always got room"  and eli takes a rain check then leaves with the collar and burpy and they go for a walk around town
eli decides that he wants to help his dad pay bills and stuff so they can move to a better place so he tries entering  burpy in a bunch of dog shows but they only take pure breeds (and burpy is mostly german sheperd, but he's a total mutt so they don't take him in) then he goes around town on an angry walk with burpy
they end up getting pushed into an alleyway but a gang, the ppl beat eli up because he's "the new kid and doesn't know the rules and who runs this place" then they sick their dogs on burpy
so eli ignores his won injuries and rushes burpy to the vet here trixie works (she's got a cat named bluster who's a little freaked out by burpy at first but burpy just wants to play with him, they end up getting along eventually) trixie tells eli about the gangs and stuff and how all of them work under a guy named twist or at least fear the guy
she also talks about a guy named dr blakk who basically owns an arena for making dogs fight for profit and it's a huge deal around town since the cops are too busy stopping things like robberies and murders
(when u win a dog fight u get big bucks and the losers have to pay a lot of money to blakk and the winner so a lot of ppl end up homeless from loosing these fights (most of them r rigged) the higher ur level the more u gotta pay when u loose and the more money u get when u win)
eli says he's gonna stop the guy cos making dogs figvht just isn't right and trixie tells him that it'll be tough and it's a bad idea but she still supports him and joins his 'team' he ends up getting all his appointments almost for free when burpy needs them she then patches up eli and sends him on his way
he goes back to kord and tells him the news, gets called crazy again but after awhile kord agrees to be on his team and gives him huge discounts on p much everything in the store that he'll need but before eli leaves kord gives him a card that basically just says "go into an alleyway and yell (insert numbers here) and a guy'll show up and help u out big time"
eli doesn't bother with it cos he's so over confident that he'll be good on his own
he goes back to the pet store a few hours later and demands for directions to dr blakk's fighteing arena and kord freaks out like "dude i thought u were gonna stop him not give him more dogs to kill" and eli explains that he's gonna get on the inside, gain everyone's trust then knock down the entire thing from the inside and see if he can get the 'twist guy' to join his side
kord gives him directions and he finds it (but he has a bit of trouble since it's under a rly shady night club and u know he's 15 so the bouncers chase him off a few times but he does find the 'secret door' eventually and he goes in and joins the 'fight club'
burpy ends up winning a few rounds (without hurting the other dogs too much, he mostly just knocks them around then scares them into the corner or tires them out) but gets beat good after blakk throws in one of his own dogs, a special breed that's p unstable and he puts things in their food and water to make them meaner and stronger and it's rly obviously that the dogs r abused so while he's making sure that burpy's still alive and he's sitting alone in the arena crying pronto wanders over to him and offers to sponser him then he sees that eli has one of his cards and joins his 'gang' and they become the shane gang and all meet up in the back room of the pet shop when kord isn't on shift and talk about battle tactics and kord lets eli use bludgeon to train burpy since he's a big tough dog (but he's kinda slow) and pronto basically spreads the word around that there's somebody finally standing up to blakk and they need as many ppl to join the shane gang as possible (nobody joins of course cos it's crazy) but eli manages to train burpy a lot until his dad finds out (him and burpy are all covered in scartches n stuff cos eli also fights with the other dog owners, he mostly defends himself but does make a few hits) (his dad also asks him about all the money eli suddenly has) so his dad yells at him but offers to hook him up with a friend to help him and burpy train after eli explains what he's doing
and it's rly special cos the guys been out of the show dog and dog fighting business for years and owns a pizza place now (GUESS WHO)
so he gets mario to train him and burpy and they become a lot stronger and eli makes it rly close to the finals but he has to fight twist's dogs which r like thees huge things that r mostly wolf (with a bit of rot weiler mixed in to make them 'legal pets') he mostly has fist fights with twist but looses and burpy nearly looses to twist's dog and almost dies but eli stops the dight and manages to make all the dog owners turn against blakk and the guy gets run out of town and eli becomes like a secret hero to the dog fight club
twist is no where to be seen tho everyone thinks he ran from town with blakk but that doesn't seem likely
i can barely draw dogs on paper so ignore my badly done digital dog omfg
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Kirito109 Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2014   Artist
LUV IT!!!!!!!!! XD
LoD90 Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2013   General Artist
hella!!! gosh I can't believe I read all that ahaha. love it.
Micro-chan Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
twist is nowhere to be seen because if you could see him he wouldn't be doing a very good job of stalking eli
DeadBite13 Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
nice drawing... @.@ so much to read...
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